Pan fried escalope of goose liver with apple    15,00€

A dozen stuffed mussels    12,00€

Medium cooked duck liver of the house    10,00€

Flambed prawns with a curry sauce    12,00€

A dozen snails with parsley and garlic    12,00€

Oysters n°3    6/  9,00€     9/   12,00€    12/  16,00€

Frog legs with parsley and garlic      12,00€


Smocked duck breast, goose liver, gizzards    14,00€

Mussel, prawn and squid salad      8,00€

Smoked duck breast ,gizzards and walnuts     8,00€

Avocado and prawn salad     8,00€

Hot goat cheese on salad      7,50€

Smocked salmon on toasts     7,50€

Meat Dishes

Grilled suckling lamb (depending on availability)     18,00€

Rib steak for 2. Approx 1kg      45,00€

Grilled lamb shank     16,00€

Thick cut steak with goose liver     18,00€

Lamb skewer in an oriental marinade    15,00€

Rib eye steak with a Bordeaux wine or pepper sauce     15,00€

Grilled lamb chops with herbs    15,00€

Duck breast with a green pepper sauce    15,00€

Duck skewer with prunes     14,00€

Confit duck poached in fat    14,00€

Chiken skewer marinated in lemon     14,00€

Mixed skewer of the Chief      16,00€

Fish Dishes

Cod steak in Meunière sauce    14,00€

Fillet of red mullet     14,00€

Salmon in hollandaise sauce     14,00€

Trout with almonds      14,00€


Profiteroles in Chocolate sauce        7,00€

Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream      5,00€

Ices Coffee or Chocolate with whipped cream       5,00€

Ice cream or sobet ( three flavours)        4,50€

Light meringue mouse with caramel and custard       4,00€

Sweet French Pastry (Red Fruit Tart)       4,00€

Chocolate cake       5,00€

Thick yogurt with a red berry sauce        4,00€

Crème brûlée au Grand Marnier        4,50€

Cheese plate           5,00€

Alcoholic Sorbets

Lemon Vodka           6,00€

Vanilla whisky           6,00€

Passion fruit spirit          6,00€

Blackcurrant spirit          6,00€



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